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How to activate the validation rules?
How to activate the validation rules?
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To activate validation rules go to the Fields module inside the Admin app. Once inside, you will find a series of tabs corresponding to the ForceManager entities at the top.

You can only link validation rules in the fields that belong to the following entities: Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, Events and Tasks.

To activate a validation rule:

1. Click on the field of interest. It can be standard or extra type.

2. From the "Edit Field" window, scroll down to the Validation rule section and click on the


"lens" icon to open the list of validation rules.

Note: The options displayed in the list depend on the data type. For example: If you select a field "Number" type, the list of rules will only show "Number" type rules.

3. Once you have linked the validation rule to the field, click on the Save button.


4. Finally, you can verify that the rule has been activated correctly by checking the Validation Rule column within the Fields module:


You can also verify it inside the Validation Rules module:


Note: You can activate a validation rule for more than one field; however, the fields can only have one validation rule.

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