What is the Opportunities Pipeline?

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The Opportunities Pipeline, available from mobile devices, displays all opportunities grouped by current ForceManager status. Don't forget that opportunity statuses can be modified if needed. For more information go to the article "How do I customize opportunity statuses?"

1. How to consult the Opportunities Pipeline from mobility?

Once you are inside the Pipeline, you will find a summary of total data on all your opportunities at the top of the screen. You'll see the number of opportunities, the total value of all your opportunities, and the sales forecast value, which is the actual value multiplied by the probability percentage of success.

Android devices


iOS devices


You'll then see the data sorted by the status your opportunities are in. You will have the number of opportunities in each state, their total value, their average value, and their sales forecast value.

You can also filter your opportunities by clicking the filters button filter.png in the upper right corner.

Android devices


iOS devices


Additionally, by clicking on each of the opportunity statuses, you can get more information about each opportunity.

Android devices


iOS devices


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