How can I sign a document?

To create a signature from the web version, access the account and select the document that you want to sign and share.


Once you select a document, various options are displayed:

  • Sign
  • Download
  • Share
  • Delete

 Click on the pencil icon (sign) to open a new tab.


Various details need to be added here.

  1. Subject: relevant information about the email.
  2. Body: the main message.
  3. Users in Copy: use this when you want to send an email to a specific recipient but also include other people in copy.
  4. Signature Type: select one of two options - sign the document via the mobile app or sign via email.

Once you have completed this data, click "Next" and "Continue".


Finally, add the signatory's name and email address (more than one signatory can be added).

How can I sign a document from the mobile version?

You can sign and share files with other users when you access account documents from a mobile device.

Screenshot_20180606-095417.png fghgh.png Screenshot_20180606-095432.png

From iOS Devices

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  1. Access and select the file that you want to sign and share (from the accounts section).
  2. Once selected, click "Sign".
  3. Finally, include any information required for the signature.

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