How to add the ForceManager add-in to Outlook?

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The ForceManager add-in for Outlook allows you to easily manage and localize your accounts, contacts and opportunities from your emails.

To activate it, you have to log in to your Outlook account from the web Outlook Office 365. Once you’ve done this, click on “Settings,” which you’ll find in the top menu (next to your photo).

A drop down menu with different options will appear. Click “Manage Integrations.”



Once in the “Add-Ins,” search for ForceManager and activate it.



 What can this add-in do?

Activating the ForceManager add-in means that whenever you receive an email from someone whose details are saved in the application (e.g. linked to an account or contact), you will see a ForceManager icon beneath their contact information.


Clicking the icon, gives you the option to log in to the application.


Once logged in, two columns will appear (three if any of your Outlook contacts aren’t saved in the application).

You can see all related data to the contact who sent you the email. E.g. account, opportunities etc.


The second column allows you to see in each one of these elements in more detail. Below is an example of the contact’s associated accounts.


By clicking on one of the elements in the second column, you can access the web application, taking you to a page where you can edit this information.


The third column shows you all unknown email address. For example, recipients or contacts in copy that aren’t saved within ForceManager.


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