How does the documents menu work?

1. Documents on the web application

After logging in to ForceManager, click on the Documents icon in the upper or lateral menu to see and manage all the files you’ve uploaded to the system.

In this menu, you will see:

  • Recent documents: A list of recently added documents.

  • Favorites: Quickly access your most important documents by selecting them as favorites.

How can I add favorite files?

Hover over the document or file you wish to favorite. Click on the star icon that appears to select and deselect it as a favorite. The files you select will appear in the “Favorites” section. 

  • Folders: You can manage all your folders and subfolders with all the files and/or links you need. ForceManager allows you to add as many sub folders as you want. 

The list contains details concerning each folder or document such as the name, the size, the file format [Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), MS Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xsl)], the date and time the document was uploaded to ForceManager.



2. Documents on the mobile application

To access documents on the mobile application, go to the side menu on the right of your mobile device and click on Documents. This menu shows the folders or documents you can download or share. 

Image title


2.2. Documents iOS devices

On iOS devices, access to documents is found along the bottom bar or within the ‘more’ option. By accessing this menu, you will see all the folders and files (Word, pdf, Excel, PowerPoint) uploaded into ForceManager:


Aside from all documents, you will find different sections:

  • Favourites: you can add the most important documents to favourites for quicker access. To do that, select ‘add to favourite’ from the document options.
  • Recent: you will find the most recently added documents.

Other than being able to view and download the documents, you will also be able to manage them, create folders and add new documents (ppt., doc, pdf, images etc…).

Additionally, there is an option to scan documents that ForceManager will add in pdf. format. To do that, click on the option ‘more’ located at the top right-hand corner of the screen:

What’s more, you will be able to rename the folders or, if you so choose, to delete them:

To simplify the document search you can use the magnifier found at the top right-hand corner of the screen:

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