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How to edit or delete a folder or document
How to edit or delete a folder or document
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1. Edit folders from the web application

  • Hover over the folder you want to edit and you’ll see a pencil icon on the right side of the folder, which allows you to edit it. You will also have the option to delete it.


1.1 How to configure folders?

Folder settings will be different based on the following user permissions:

1. Editing folders with admin permissions allows you to modify the name, visibility (choose which branches have access to the folder) and select the level of security.


2. As a user, you can only edit the name of the folder:

  • In order to delete a folder, it must be empty. Once you have no more files inside, click the button “Delete folder”.

2. Edit documents from the web application

How to edit documents?

Hover over the document you want to edit so that a pencil icon appears on the right side of the document.


The option to edit folders allows you to change the name of the file. If you want to edit the content of a document, you will have to download it, make the necessary changes and upload it again. You also have the option to share and delete documents.

  • In order to download a document, click on it and a preview of it will appear on the screen. Once you have checked if it is the document you need, just click on "Download".


3. Editing folders and documents from the mobile app

3.1. Android devices

Within the ‘Documents’ menu, on the right side of all folders and files you will find the ‘options’ icon that will allow to do some arrangements:

  • Share the document

  • Mark as favourite (in the case of documents, you can mark those that are more important to you as ‘favourite’ within the menu)

  • Rename: change the name of the document/folder if needed.

  • Delete

Options within documents


Options within folders


3.2. iOS Devices

The options are the same as on Android devices. Click on the "options" button on the right side of the document or folder you want.

Options within documents


Options within folders

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