'Opportunities forecast' Graph

This graph allows you to make estimations of your sales, considering the selected users, for the following six months from the date in which the analysis is made.

The aim is to forecast and make predictions of future sales in the short/medium term to better plan all your resources. Thus, having the sales forecast will allow you to improve your organisation, foresee problems...

For that, it shows all the opportunities that are open and have a 'sales forecast date' populated.

The graph is formed by six bars to analyse data for the upcoming months, and by clicking any of the bars, you will find: 

  • The name of the selected month.
  • The sales weighted value that all of the forecasted opportunities equal for that month.
  • The number of opportunities forecasted for that month.
  • The total amount these forecasted opportunities equal for that month (in case these forecasted opportunities are won, this would be the total amount).


Additionally, you also have another tab to visualise all the information in table format so you can make a more in-depth analysis.

This graph will include all the opportunitites for which the selected users are owners and that have been selected for the sales analysis, and, regardless of the filtered date range, it will always show data from the upcoming 6 months from the current date.





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