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Are phone calls registered on ForceManager?
Are phone calls registered on ForceManager?
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In order for the calls you make to begin synchronizing in ForceManager, all you have to do is install the application on your mobile device and have the session open.

The contact’s phone number field must be completed so that the calls are properly registered on ForceManager within the activity section of the relevant account. There, you will be able to see all the telephone interaction history with your customers.

However, only outgoing calls by the App will be registered. In other words, if you need a call registration you must call the customer from a ForceManager contact file, clicking on the phone icon



Android Devices


iOS Devices


Therefore, if you call a contact from outside the app (from you mobile) or a customer calls you (incoming call), this call will not be registered.

The calling time will not be registered.

You can also report the content of the call so that you do not forget anything with our post-call report.

These features apply to both Android and iOS devices.

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