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How to create personalized views in Accounts?
How to create personalized views in Accounts?
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To create a view, include all the filters that are needed for analysis and save it with a general name that covers all these filters. Once you’ve created the view, the next time you need to carry out that same search, the user will be able to filter by view and apply the set filters.

Filters can only be managed and created from the web app but they are available for the web and mobile version.

Create a view from the web version

To create a view, select all the filters you want to include. For example:

1. To start, add a specific filter such as the city.

2. Next, choose other value so you can create the personalised view. For example: Account type

3. Once you’ve selected the filters, in the top part of the screen, you’ll see the option ‘create view with the current filters’.


4. When saved, pop up message will appear asking you to enter a name for the view. Next click ‘Save’.


5. Finally, access the views section to select your personalised filter.


Views from the mobile version

To see your views from the mobile version, access the "Accounts" menu and click on the funnel icon, which is in the right top of the screen. You will see the "Views" option, which will show you all your filter combinations created from the web version.

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