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Did you know that you can see the status of your tickets?
Did you know that you can see the status of your tickets?
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If you have sent one or more tickets to the ForceManager team support, you can see and manage the status of these tickets on your own.

Where can I access this from?

To see your tickets status you can access them from the ForceManager support web:

Which steps should I follow?

To manage all your requests, follow these steps.

1. Sign in

Access the ForceManager support web and click on “Sing in”, to log in in your Zendesk session, where you can manage all your requests on your own.


2. Enter your username and password

Keep in mind that when you sent the first ticket to ForceManager, your own Zendesk session was automatically created.

For each ticket you send to the support team, a new Zendesk session is created, you should always send your requests from the same email so that all these tickets are collected in the same session.

Then, depending if is the first or additional times you log in in Zendesk, you must follow different steps.

2.1. If is the first time you log in

Due to your Zendesk session having just been automatically created, you will not yet know your password. If you want to log in in your session, you need change and personalize your password.

To do that, click on “Forgot my password”.


Next, write the email which you had sent your tickets with and click on “Submit”.


Automatically, you will receive an email with a link within you can create your new password. Once you have entered your new password, click on “Change password” and you will able to use this to log in every time you enter in Zendesk.


Once you have completed the last step, you can access your session and can start managing your tickets.

2.2. If is the second time (or more) you log in

As you already have your own password already set up, you just need to enter your log in details and click on “Sign in” to enter in Zendesk.


3. Access your activities

Once you are inside your session, click on your profile, which is on the top right of the screen.


Next, click on “My activities”.


4. Manage your tickets!

4.1. See all your tickets

Automatically you will appear in the “My activities” tab, where you can see all your sent requests.

You can see general information about these tickets:

  • The ID, that has been automatically assigned.

  • The subject, that is the same you wrote when you created the ticket.

  • When this ticket was created.

  • When the last activity was performed.

  • The current state: open, awaiting your reply or solved.


4.2. Filter to quickly find your requests

If you need quickly find a request, you can add two filters that will help you in your search.

You can add the first filter from the search box, where you can write the request ID or subject and all related tickets will appear.

The second filter can be added by the status box, looking for specific status: all (you will see all together), open, awaiting your reply or solved.


4.3. See and manage your requests in detail

If you need see information about a particular ticket, click on the ticket subject.

Next, you can see all your sent, received emails and send more.

Moreover, you can solve a request if you click on “Please consider this request solved”.

However, sometimes this option won’t be available because the ForceManager agents consider that this incident must be reviewed.

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