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What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a customer service support tool that allows you to centralize all support tickets, assist clients and follow every conversation thread.

The integration allows you to manage all client incidents from ForceManager. By opening up an account, you’ll see your history of interactions. This will help you prioritize and resolve requests as well as directly connect with clients to help them in the fastest and most organized way possible to offer them the best customer experience.

What plans is the Zendesk integration available on?

This integration is only available for Small Team and Business and is also completely free to activate.

How to integrate Zendesk?

This integreation can only be carried out by the administrator of the account. To do this, they must log in to their profile and from settings go to “Integrations” where Zendesk can be found.

1. Activate the integration


2. Enter the Zendesk domain to authorize the integration and to open a window on the Zendesk page where you can sign in to the tool.

Keep in mind that you may be already logged in to Zendesk, and in that case, it won’t request for your access details but start the session with this user details. The integration always needs to be done by the Zendesk account administrator, if you are already logged in with other user details, we suggest you to log out and log in again with the administrator’s access details.


Once the integration is complete, you can follow it’s progress to see if it’s working and check if the updates are being carried out correctly.

You also have the option to “Deactivate” the integration if at any time you need to delete it. Bear in mind that if you do this all Zendesk data within ForceManager will be deleted.


From the “Matches” tab you can check the percentage of Zendesk tickets that correspond to ForceManager contacts and accounts. It will also show you the 100 most recent tickets that don’t match any ForceManager element so you can see if you’re missing something important.


How does the Zendesk integration work?

Once the integration is complete, when you click on each account you’ll see that a new “Zendesk” widget has been added. Here you can follow the thread of interactions your company or team has open or pending.

On the ticket list, you’ll see details such as status, ID, subject, the person who requested the ticket and the last time the ticket was update.


You can also click on each of the tickets to see more detailed information. You also have a direct link to Zendesk and from there you can manage and resolve all tickets.

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