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How can I merge elements?
How can I merge elements?
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This feature is only available for the following plans:


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In ForceManager, you will be able to merge two elements from different entities (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities). The procedure is the same to merge two elements from any of those entities. To do so, access one of the elements that you want to merge and click "Merge" in the top right corner of the screen to manage duplicate elements.


All selected data for the element is under "Element 1" in the left column. Add the name of the element that you want to merge in right column.


All fields for the first element are selected by default. Remember that selected fields prevail when elements are merged. You can select fields for the second element so that they prevail.


Once all fields have been defined for the unified element, click "Merge".


Confirm the merging process.


Here's a video that shows an example of the merge process of two elements:

If you still do not have this functionality and you are interested in it, please contact your Customer Success or the ForceManager support team (

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