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How can I merge contacts?
How can I merge contacts?
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This feature is only available for the following plans:


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You will be able to merge two contacts when for some reason you need to unify one with another. To do this you must access one of the two files of the contact you want to merge and click on the "merge" icon in the top right corner.


Within the management, in the left column, you will have as "contact 1" all the data of the contact that you have selected and, in the other column, write the name of the contact that you want to merge.


By default, all the fields of the first contact are selected. Remember that the marked fields are the ones that will prevail when the contacts are merged. You can mark the fields of the second contact so that these are the ones that prevail.


Once you have all the fields defined that you want to unify in a single contact, click on "merge".


Confirm the process for the merge to take place.


If you still do not have this functionality and you are interested in it, please contact your Customer Success of the ForceManager support team (

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