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GoalManager Basic
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What are goals?

Sometimes a lot of tasks can build up around certain accounts. That’s why it’s useful to define and outline some goals to better plan efforts and focus on the targets to hit. Goals orientate us towards the right direction to follow a project through so it can be carried out in the best possible way.


What does this function allow?

This graph allows you to set personal goals to analyse the registered activity progress in ForceManager. You can set a goal and a deadline to be completed (from the dropdown menu).

The goals that make up this graph are analysed independently from each other. You can choose which ones to activate based on what’s most important to you:

  • Check-in visits (geolocated): Shows the number of check-ins carried out in the selected period vs. the goal set.

  • Activity (excluding visits): Shows the number of manually added activities (not visits) from the selected period vs. the goal set.

  • Non-geolocated visits: Shows the number of non-geolocated visits in the selected period vs. the goal set.

  • New accounts: Shows the number of newly assigned accounts from the selected period vs. the goal set.

  • New opportunities: Shows the number of newly assigned opportunities from the selected period vs. the goal set.

  • Sales: Shows the sold opportunities value (assigned as responsible) in regards of the predefined goal.

You’ll also notice how the color of the graphs vary. These colors correspond to the evolution of activity and will change according to the difference between the amount of activity carried out and the goal set.

  • Green: If you’ve passed or hit the target.

  • Orange: If you’ve completed more than 50% of the goal.

  • Red: If you’re falling short of the goal in the allocated time.

How do I manage goals from a mobile device?

Goals can be managed from both Android and iOS devices, as detailed below.

Each time you log into your account you are taken to your "Dashboard", within you can add your own goals.

Click "Add Goal" to begin creating your goals as necessary.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Next, on the “More Goals“ section, select the activity type you want to create (Check-in, phone calls, etc.) and complete the creation form, where the goals is defined:

  • Select the amount (10, 50, 100, etc.)

  • Enter the deadline for completing the goal (daily, weekly, etc.).

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Once you have created your goals you can view them from the "Dashboard" and follow up their progress. ForceManager will provide information so that you can analyze if your goals progress properly.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Click on the goal you want follow up and you will see two tabs:

  • Information: you will see the description and the goal details.

  • Performance: you will see the activities you had done so far to achieve the goal.

If you have more than three active objectives and you need to check one that does not appear in the Dashboard, click on “See all” and on the objective you want to check out.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


You can edit your goals as needed. Just click the goal you wish to modify and, from the main page, click "Edit", located in the top right corner of the screen. You can modify the goal value and click on “save” to save changes.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


You can also add new goals or delete them as needed. Just click "Edit" to view all active goals (they can be de-activated clicking on the “-“ icon and saving changes) and click "More Goals" option at the bottom of the screen to create as many Goals as you need.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


From this screen, you can sort them according to your preferences. To do this, drag and drop each indicator in the order in which you want them to be displayed.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


How can I manage from the web version?

Goals can be managed from the Sales Analytics menu of the ForceManager web version.

Within the Sales Analytics menu, under the ‘Intensity’ tab you will find the ‘Goals’ graph from where you can keep track of your set targets or manage them. From there, you can add or modify all the goals that you need.

To make some edits, click on the set-up wheel that is at the top right of the widget. From here, you can add, edit and delete Goals.


Click "Add goals" to start measuring KPIs.


You’ll be taken to the settings screen where you can see all available activity to analyse. Next, complete the available fields to define a new target. Here you can choose what kind of objective (individual or team) will be the activity (check-in, calls ...), the amount (10, 50, 100 ...) and period in which you want that goal to be met (Daily, weekly ...). Finally, click on “Save” to save this process.


In the configuration screen, under "Active goals" you will see, on the left, all the goals that you have active, for you and for your team. You can sort them according to your preferences. To do this, drag and drop each indicator in the order in which you want to display them.


All the goals in the graph can be edited and you can modify them whenever you need. To do this, you must go to the settings and next to all your active goals, you’ll see the button ‘Update goal’ or ‘Delete’ when you no longer need it.

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