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Aggregate scoreboard report (small team/business)
Aggregate scoreboard report (small team/business)
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The scoreboard report is designed for those in charge of the sales team and shows a series of relevant indicators as regards the team’s activity. It can be downloaded in PDF, Excel or Word format, and contains the following information:

1. Summary of Activities

This table shows the aggregate activity of the sales team. It is a summary of the weekly activity (compared to the activity from the last 30 days) generated by all sales reps, and who are hierarchically dependant of a person in charge to whom this report is executed.

You will be able to see the amount of: check-ins, activities, calls, e-mails, new accounts and new contacts made during the last 7 days contrasted with those made during the last 30 days.

To see more details about the content of this table visit the weekly activity report.

2. Absolute activity (Last 30 days)

The graph shows data from the following activities: e-mails, activities (manually introduced arrangements such as the content of an important call), phone calls and check-ins. You will find the absolute recorded activity for the last 30 days.

3. Activity By Account Type (Last 30 days)

This graph shows the summary of coverage given to each one of the account’s segments, according to the type of account. By colour and percentage, you will see where mayor and minor activity is concentrated for each type of account.

4. Activity by Segment (visit cycle)

This graph shows the summary of the coverage given to each account segment, considering the type of activity. The last 30 days are not taken into account as with the other graphs, but the visit cycle established for each segment. To see more details about the content of the table visit the weekly activity report.

5. Opportunities Pipeline (weighted amount)*

The pipeline shows you in a graph format, the total opportunities by status and weighted amount.

Bear in mind, the weighted amount is calculated by multiplying the total amount with the probability of success of the opportunity. What’s more, from the pipeline you will only see opportunities that are at intermediate states, and so not won or lost opportunities since these are opportunities are now closed.

To the right of the opportunity pipeline, you have another summary which shows you:

  • The amount of opportunities and weighted amount of which will expire in the next 7 days.

  • Opportunities that have already expired.

  • Below this, the number of won opportunities and the total amount of opportunities.

  • Finally, lost opportunities from the last week the total amount of opportunities.

6. User details

It shows the detail of the users activity that are part of the commercial team. It provides activity this week compared to the last 30 days.

6.1. Activity Score: Score generated from the sales rep’s ForceManager activity vis-à-vis the rest of the team. The score spans from 0 to 10, 10 being the sales rep with the highest level of activity and 0 the one with the lowest level of activity. The score depends on the type of activity; for example, a geolocated visit has a higher score than a one-minute call or an e-mail.

If a sales team has three sales reps, and all of them exclusively carry out geolocated visits, the one with most visits is awarded 10 and the one with the least visits 0.

6.2. Sales Score: Score generated according to the sales rep’s sales vis-à-vis the rest of the team. Just as with the activity, the score spans from 0 to 10 according to the sales generated, 10 awarded to the user with the most sales and 0 to the one with the least sales. The sales data may be taken from the following:

  • Quote value;

  • Opportunity value;

  • Invoice value (data provided by the administrator).

6.3. Summary of Weekly Activity

  • Check-ins: Total number of geolocated visits made in the last 7/30 days.

  • Activity:Total number of e-mails and other actions entered manually, such as reporting the content of an important telephone call, in the last 7/30 days.

  • Phone calls: Total number of incoming and outgoing calls in the last 7/30 days.

  • New accounts: Total number of new accounts added in the last 7/30 days.

  • New contacts:Total number of new contacts added in the last 7/30 days.

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