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Conversations in Activities- FAQs
Conversations in Activities- FAQs
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🔗 This feature is available for all plans.

For detailed information about each plan, you can check it out 👉 here.

How to access past conversations?

From the detail of any activity (whether in the activities menu or within the entity), you can access the thread of related conversations from the “conversations” tab. It is possible to search by keywords of the conversation in the web environment. To do this, the “my conversations” tab must be indicated in the timeline panel.

How to remove users from conversation threads?

Any user in the conversation can remove another participant. However, the owner of the activity cannot be removed from the conversation. If you want to untag someone, simply delete any “@” message you sent to that person. Note that the activity owner will receive a notification about this, according to their notification settings. If you are not part of the activity and have not been mentioned, you will not be able to see the conversation or the activity.

Want to remove someone permanently? Click on the participants icon in the top right corner and then press the remove button.

timeline conversations_delete user.png
timeline conversations_delete user_2.png
timeline conversations_delete user_3.png

Who can edit sent messages?

Each user can edit the messages they have sent, but cannot edit the messages of other users.

How do I change my notification settings?

Notifications can be configured from Admin (Professional/Performance) or by requesting support from the support team (Essential/Starter).

Can I mark a message as unread?

Whether you are responsible for the comment or not, you can mark a message as unread with just one click. To do this, you must click on the ‘Mark as unread’ icon that appears when you hover over the message. If you are the message owner, the icons for edit, delete, and ‘Mark as unread’ will also appear.


Once you mark a message as unread, it will be considered a new message and ForceManager will notify you through various indicators and notifications.

In the mobile version, you will find the same options as in the web version, allowing you to mark messages as unread whether you are responsible for them or not. You will also have the same indicators to recognise which messages you have pending to read.


Mark as unread:





Mark as unread:



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