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Apply filters to your activities
Apply filters to your activities
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The filter functionality in the Activities menu makes it simple to discover and analyze the many interactions you've performed. You will be able to evaluate the frequency, types, and most frequently performed activities with a certain account, along with other aspects.

1. Filters and searches from the Web application

In the upper bar of the Activities menu you will find the following functionalities necessary to carry out filters and searches:

  1. The search bar will help you locate an activity by entering keywords.

  2. The View option will allow you to apply custom views. Go to the article create views in the Activity menu to learn more about this feature.

  3. The Quick Filters section offers you the following pre-established filters: Date, Activity types, Users and Accounts, which you can configure as described in the third section of this article.

2. Apply subfilters

Subfilters can be used to locate and analyze the subtypes of activities performed. For example, when filtering by activity type "Check-in," you can use a subfilter to find "Sales visit" type check-ins.

To use this functionality:

  1. First, filter by the activity type of your interest.

  2. Then, under the search bar, drop down the subfilters and select the ones you want to use.


3. Filters Settings

Adjust the selection of Quick Filters whenever you need it, by clicking the "Filters" button, which will display the settings window, where you can easily adjust them.

  • To remove a filter, move the mouse over the field to be removed and click the icon:


    “remove from quick filters”.

  • To add a filter, scroll down to the Main Filters area, then select the field you want to add and click the icon


    "add to quick filters".

At the bottom of the window, you will find the “+ Add Filters” option, which will allow you to include your extra and other standard fields in your filter options.

Remember that even when you log out and log back in, ForceManager will remember the filters you used in the previous session, allowing you to easily resume work from where you left off.

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