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What is an activity?
What is an activity?
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The multiple interactions you have with a customer or prospect are classified as "activities" in ForceManager.


Inside the Activity menu you will find different interaction’s types configured by default: phone calls, check-in, video check-in, opportunity check-in, emails, and video conferences.


You can also add your own activity to report extra information (eg. Add details of the conversation of a call.)

1. Access the Activities menu

The Activities menu is available in both the web and mobile versions of the application, see the following article to find out how to access this menu from both versions.

2. Activity List

On the left side of the menu, you will find the Activity List, ordered by the elapsed time from least to greatest according to the day you are viewing, similar to a timeline.

To find out more about its features, go to the article on activity list functionalities.


3. Apply Filters to your Activities

At the top of the window are the following preset filters: Date, Activity types, Users and Account.


Which you can modify at any time by clicking on the "Filters" button. See our article on applying filters to the activities to learn more about this functionality.

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