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Step 1. Accounts
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An account is defined as any entity with which a professional relationship is established. In this section, you can personalize the data you want to add to your accounts according to your needs.

There are three editable fields in this menu:

1. Account type

You can organize the accounts according to the terms that commonly used.

By default, there are some predefined (such as: client, provider, partner, etc.) but you can delete, modify and add new types depending on your business model (such as: old customer, hospital, clinic, etc.)


2. State

You can also organize your accounts depending on where they are in the sales cycle. For example: old customer, contacted, on track, etc.

In the same way, you can modify the default options and personalize it as you need.


3. Additional fields

In this third tab, you can add more information to your account’s files, apart from the original ones. For example: you can add to the accounts section a VAT field.

This option is also available for the Contacts, Opportunities and Activities menus. In all menus, when you add an additional field you can choose from the following types:

  • Value list: with this option you can create an additional field with a predefined value list so you will be able to choose one option from this value list.

For example:

Additional field: Does it comes from an old Data Base?

Value list: Yes / No (you can only choose one option)

  • Multiselection value list: with this option you can select more than one option of a scrollable value list created by you.

For example:

Additional field: Line of business

Value list: Soft drinks/Energy drinks/Alcoholic drinks (you can choose more than one option)

  • Checkbox: it is a field in which you can click on a Checkbox.

For example:

Additional field: Does he/she knows about new pricing?

Checkbox: selected or deselected

  • Text: you can create a field in which the response is free format text.

For example: Possible offers

Comment: Apart from the version with which they are working, we can also offer the 98767 version.

  • Decimal or number: with this option you can add a numeric answer (whole and decimal).

For example:

Additional field: Yearly purchase amount

Amount: €500,000

  • Date: with this option you can create a field with a date format

For example:

Additional field: End of contract

Date: 12/12/2050

  • Percentage: with this option you can create a field in which the answer is a percentage value.

For example:

Additional field: Discount

Percentage: 20%

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