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What does the Parameters menu allow?
What does the Parameters menu allow?
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This feature is only available for the following plans:



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The "Parameters" module will allow you to activate or deactivate functionalities. You can:

  • Give access to the user to view or hide some functionalities

  • Edit specific information about your account

  • Customize scoring companies and define your score

Once you have entered the Parameters menu, you will find different columns: Parameter name, Description, and Value. The Parameters are divided into three sections:

  • ForceManager functionalities. You can customize the implementation or even give access to certain functionalities (for example: mark the default country, customize the application by adding your logo (it will display in the mobility Dashboard), etc.)

  • ForceActivity points - By account type. It allows you to determine what type of companies are included in the Sales Analysis menu when performing activities.

  • Sales team scores. Allows you to determine the score that each user receives when completing an action.

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