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What does the Users menu allow?
What does the Users menu allow?
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You can manage users for all implementations from the User menu. A user is as anyone that intends to use ForceManager and requires a username and password.

In this menu you have the following options:

1. Visualize the existing users from different points of views

Once you access the User menu the following is displayed at the top of the screen:

  • Table View. View all users in a table. You can order users alphabetically.

  • View Environment. General implementation data related to users: total users, number of users assigned to each environment, etc.


2. Manage Users

You can create, duplicate, deactivate, send passwords, and personalize user accesses and permissions in the Users menu.

To execute any of these actions, go to the Hierarchical Mode or Table Mode, then access the corresponding user and make the necessary changes.

In addition, you can also perform all the different editing actions in bulk, such as changing the manager of a users group or moving a complete team to another branch.

3. How to update users in bulk?

First, go to the Users Table Mode, and choose one of the following selection options:

  1. To select all users click on the "selection" checkbox (located at the top of the Name column.)

  2. To modify specific users, mark them manually or set condition filters to display them and then mark them.

Once you have selected the users to modify, choose the option you need to perform at the top of the table: "Edit, Activate, Deactivate and Send password."

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