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What does the Import & Export menu allow?
What does the Import & Export menu allow?
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This feature is only available for the following plans:



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1. Add new data in bulk:

You can add entities (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, etc.) in bulk from the Import and Export menu. If you plan to add new records, we recommend you review the following article: How to add new data in bulk?

2. Update existing data in bulk:

This process offers you the possibility of updating your data in bulk through 4 simple steps, which will help you precisely define the records you want to edit. If you plan to update your account data, we recommend you look at the following article: How to update your data in bulk?

3. Data export:

From the Import & Export menu, you can also perform data exports. When requesting an export, if the volume of data is large, the system will send you an email to download the file; otherwise, it will be automatically downloaded to your downloads folder.

In which ForceManager menus can you import and export?

Once inside the menu, you will see different tabs on the top of the screen. These are the available sections to import and export data:

  • Accounts

  • Contacts

  • Opportunities

  • Users

  • Any table where you need to import / export information

In any of the sections, you can:

  • Check the import history

  • Download attachments

  • Download error files

  • Carry out imports and exports

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