How to unify your passwords?

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To make your sales team as efficient as possible, unify their passwords to make their access to ForceManager as easy as possible.

How to unify your passwords?

Through an authentication process called Single Sign-On (SSO), users will be able to access multiple applications by entering the different systems and resources with a single account.

Thanks to the SSO process available in ForceManager, you will be able to link your Office 365 password to your ForceManager account, safely automating your users' access to the application.

This method simplifies the users' daily work by authenticating only once and maintaining different apps sessions activated.

Can I configure Sign-On (SSO) in ForceManager?

In ForceManager, you can configure this functionality for Microsoft Azure.

To activate it, you must access ForceManager Admin, then go to the "Users" section, and click on the "Authentication" tab.

Once inside this tab you can define for which users you want to activate it. You can activate it for all or for some users.

Then, from the details of every user, you will see what authentication method has been configured.


To register a new user, if the configuration has been defined "for all users", its configuration will be done automatically with authentication with Microsoft Azure SSO.


How will the end-user see it?

Once the SSO has been configured, when the user accesses the ForceManager's Log-in page, one of the following situations may occur:

  • If the browser has already logged into your Outlook or Gmail account, it will automatically redirect you to the ForceManager app without asking for credentials. 
  • If you haven't logged into your Outlook or Gmail account yet, it will redirect you to the authentication provider's page to enter your credentials to grant ForceManager access permissions. After completing this step, you will access the app.


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