Changing account owners with the new bulk option

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Do you need to transfer accounts from one sales representative to another? This now possible with the Massive update option. 

This functionality is also available in Contacts and Opportunities. Here is an example of the Accounts module but follow the same steps with the other two menus.


Follow the steps below to transfer accounts: 

Step 1. Select the accounts which you want to change the Owner 1 to another, from the boxes that are just at the left of the account name. You can do that by selecting all the results and clicking on the check box as well as selecting the accounts one by one. 

Step 2. Click on “Edit Fields”. 

Step 3. In the “Owner 1” field, indicate the person to whom you want to transfer the selected accounts. 

Step 4. Click on “Save”. 

Step 5. Introduce “EDIT” in the text box and click on “Yes, edit accounts”. 

The new owner can now take over the new accounts! 

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