Preview your files before downloading them!

At the ForceManager web version, now you can preview your Documents and Reports directly in the tool without downloading them. Say goodbye to having the download folder full! 

These files must meet the PDF or Image (JPG, PNG...) formats in order to analyze them online.

How to preview a document or report?

Simply access the corresponding menu, for example: Accounts, Opportunities, Salesorders, Documents or Reports, and click on the file name. 

  • In case you want to read a document or view an image, the file will automatically preview when selected. If desired, you can also download the file by clicking on the “Download” button. 


  • To preview a Report, you must select 1. the format of the report and 2. the user you need to view. For PDF format, the file will be automatically previewed when generated. If desired, you can also download the file from the “Download” button. 


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