How to geolocalize new opportunities?

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1. From the web app

To geolocalize an opportunity from the web app, just go to the Opportunities menu and click "Create" to create a new opportunity.

Then go to the "Management" section and click "Localize Map" to geolocalize the opportunity. You can also add addresses manually if you prefer.


Once you have clicked "Localize Map" a pop-up window is displayed. Confirm the address in "Location". Make sure the exact location on the map is correct and click "Save".


2.  From the mobile app

To geolocalize an opportunity from an Android or iOS device, just go to the Opportunities menu and click the "Plus" icon. Before completing the opportunities fields you must select one of the following:

  1. Use my current location. Select this, if you are at the exact location from the account.
  2. Search on the map. If you are not at the exact location you can search for it on google maps.
  3. Create without geolocation. Select if you want to geolocate the opportunity from the account later.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


  1. Select one of these options and create a new opportunity by completing the necessary data and clicking "Save".
  2. Once an opportunity has been created you can view data and geolocations from the account file and from the Opportunities Map. Nearby opportunities are displayed on the map. Widen the search by zooming out.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


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