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1. Description of the Opportunities Pipeline

The opportunity pipeline allows you to better manage all open opportunities in their respective status/stages of the process. It will be helpful for:

  • Future planning, you can view how opportunities are distributed by stage so that you can plan where in the process you need to invest more resources.
  • Identifying in what stages there are more problems when evolving from one stage to the other to work on it so as to avoid getting stalled in any of the stages because of lack of opportunities.

Following, we will review how the opportunitites pipeline work in ForceManager's sales analytics:


At the top of the graph there's the opportunities pipeline. The pipeline takes into account the selected users to inform you of the status of the open opportunities these users have to this day. If you roll over any of the stages with the cursor you will be able to see the quantity, percentage and weighted value of the opportunities in each of them.


At the bottom of the graph, you will find:

  • Total: the quantity and value of all the won, lost or created opportunities within the selected period range and by the selected users.
  • Variation: calculates the difference between new and closed opportunities (whether they are won or lost) within the filtered period. The variation will be positive if the number of opportunities has been greater than that of the closed opportunitites. On the other hand, if the number of new opportunities is lower than that of the closed ones, the variation will be negative, which would indicate more opportunites are being closed than generated. 

Moreover, you also have another tab to visualise all the information in table format so you can make a more in-depth analysis.


2. Analyze the pipeline in depth

From the "Pipeline of opportunities" you can also do a deeper analysis when you need to know what opportunities are included in the different data shown in the graph. To do this, you will only have to click on the data you are interested in analyzing.

In which pipeline data do you have the option to analyze in depth?

You can see it in new opportunities, won or lost and, also, in the pipeline, in each of the states of the open opportunities.


When you click, ForceManager will open a new tab, in your browser, that will show you the menu of opportunities with the filter that is being taken into account, so that you can see, in detail, all the opportunities that are.


Remember that:

    • The graph will always include opportunities that have as owners, the users selected within the selected period.  
    • In case there's any opportunity created with a different currency, it will always show the calculus of the total value with the currency that is set in the user profile.
    • Don't forget that all data that refers to open opportunities will always show weighted values.

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