Why is my mobile activity not visible on the web application?


My activity throughout the day is synced with ForceManager servers where activity, check-ins, calls, etc., are registered.

Said process is performed periodically several times an hour to transfer data to servers. For this reason, in viewing the Activity section from a different device from which the Activity was registered on, the more recent information may not yet be available.

The terminal’s connectivity also plays an important role, since the data cannot be sent to the servers in the event of a poor data connection. As a user, I don’t have to worry about anything, as this process is performed automatically; when the terminal regains good coverage, the data will be synced, either through the mobile or Wi-Fi network.


  • User permissions may limit the viewing of certain Activity, preventing some of it from being seen.
  • Update data can be forced. To learn how to do it, visit the article "How to refresh data from the mobile app"

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