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How do I clear the cache on my mobile device?
How do I clear the cache on my mobile device?
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You can re-start the ForceManager installation and clear all data from the app in the event of an incident.

Android devices

Complete the following steps to re-store data from an Android device:

  1. Access your profile by clicking the dropdown menu from the main screen of your Menu.

  2. Click "Update Data" to back-up all data from your device to the main database and store all registered modifications and activities. For example, if you have created an activity whilst offline, you will need to update data so that information is saved in the database.

  3. Once you have updated all data, click “Delete Local Copy” from your profile.


iOS devices

Complete the following steps to clear the cache from an iOS device:

  1. Once you have logged into ForceManager, select "More" then "Settings".

  2. From the Settings page, click “Force Synch” to save all activities and modifications stored on your device to the database.

  3. Once you have completed the synchronization process, click “Delete Local Copy” so that your mobile device synchronizes with the server and new data can be downloaded again.

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