Non-visited accounts report (by visit cycle)

This feature is only available for the following plans:

This report shows the inactive accounts based on the visit cycle assigned to them according to their segment.

For example, if accounts classified as type A have an allocated visit cycle of 15 days and there has been no interaction with some of them within this period, these will appear in the report.

When generating the report, you can choose a single segment or extract all of the segments together.

For each segment you will see the following:

  • Number of accounts classified as type 'X' where the owner will appear as the user who generated the report.
  • The amount of accounts that have been visited within the set visit cycle in this segment. 
  • The amount of accounts that haven't been visited within the set visit cycle in this segment. 


Moreover, you will get the list of inactive accounts for each segment and see the following:

  • The account´s name
  • The last check-in made: even though the report is generated by user and shows non-visited accounts (within their visit cycle), you will be able to see if another user visited any of these accounts folllowing your visit. You will find their initials and their last check-in date. In this way, you will have evidence of when the last visit to these accounts was really made:

  • The last user check-in: shows the last check-in made by the user for whom the report was generated. If the date field is empty this means there are no check-ins made in the particular company.

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