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What types of report are there?
What types of report are there?
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In the Reports menu, there are three types of reports:

  1. Weekly user analysis

  2. Accounts (accounts to visit)

  3. Opportunities


1. Weekly user analysis

This section features the following:

  • Aggregate scoreboard: A report aimed at management that shows the activity of the team that hierarchically reports to management. To view the salesperson’s activity in detail, you have to go to the salesperson’s weekly activity report.

  • Weekly activity report: An analysis of the salesperson’s weekly activity.

2. Account Reports (accounts to visit)

This section features:

  • Non-Visited Accounts, by visit cycle: It shows a list of accounts marked as inactive according to the visit cycle defined. This report version is hierarchical, in other words, it shows a team’s data.

3. Opportunities Reports

This section contains:

  • Opportunity report: show the Pipeline, which is an important concept as it refers to the different phases a sale undergoes, from leads generated by the sales team, as well as open opportunities, etc., until they are turned into real sales.

In our case, it is a hierarchical pipeline that shows the team’s aggregate opportunities.

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