What options are given in a contact file?

Once you have entered a contact file, on the web application, you can only update, edit or delete the information contained therein. However, the mobile application features many more functionalities to help you manage contacts rapidly and simply. The following actions can be carried out from the contact file:

  1. Edit or delete the contact file.
  2. Access the activity and the calendar events associated with this contact.
  3. Get in touch with a contact by clicking on the telephone number. You will have three contact options such as:
    3.1. Call: direct access to call this contacto from your mobile device.
    3.2. SMS/iMessage: direct access to send a text message from your mobile device.
    3.3. WhatsApp: direct access to open the WhatsApp conversation with the contact.

    Android devices

    iOS Devices

  4. Send an e-mail to the contact’s email address.

Android devices

iOS Devices

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