How to add a contact

1. Adding contacts on the web application

Once you have entered the Contacts section, click on the “Add Contact” button. When creating the page on the web application, the only required fields are the first name, last name, and account. Once these fields are completed, press saves and the contact will be displayed on its corresponding menu list.


2. Adding contacts on the mobile application

To add a new contact:

  • Enter the contact person’s details (first name, last name and account are required fields).
  • Once you have completed the necessary and/or additional information, press save. Bear in mind that the button’s location may vary according to the device.


In addition, on iOS devices, you can import contacts from your mobile’s contact list. The import option is displayed when you add or edit a contact.

The icon is displayed to the right of the “Name” field. Selecting this icon will bring you to the contact list on your device, where you can choose the contact you wish to import and, using the information available, the contact fields will be completed automatically within the application.

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