What fields are shown in an account file?

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1. Information on the web application

On the web application, the following information is displayed:

Account general information:

  • Address geolocated on the map.
  • Account type: It refers to the type of account or customer you add. For example: customer, partner, distributor, manufacturer, other, prospective customer, prospective distributor, supplier and owner.
  • Account classification: Based on an internal criterion in your organization, you can classify the accounts (for example, A, B, C, etc., by turnover, percentage close rate, geographical area, etc.).
  • Contact details: Mobile number, e-mail or website.
  • Owner: Direct sales manager of the account. More than one owner can be added.


Also relevant information regarding the account is displayed (without exiting the account menu), as well as you can add more information by clicking the “add” button in each section: 
The related contacts, opportunities, activities, upcoming events and tasks, account documents or reports, related companies or details regarding invoicing or other custom data.


2. Information on the mobile application

On the mobile application, you have access to the same information but it is displayed in a different format.

However, unlike the web application, when you enter an account file, the Check-in button will be displayed. The color orange means that the account you are viewing is not geolocated and you have the option of using your location or a location within a less than 500-metre radius thereof. By checking in, your visit will be recorded in the corresponding account file.

If, on the other hand, the button is grey, you cannot Check-in because you are not in the account location.

If you are in the company location but cannot check in, you should make sure the location and data settings are enabled. Though enabled, the account may not be properly located. You can rectify the location really simply:

  • On Android, press "geolocate".
  • On iOS, you can update the location using the Geolocalizar.png icon and calculate your route clicking on "show rutes"

Moreover, you can also access to the related menus of this account: contacts, opportunities, documents, reports, etc. trough the same account file.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


Additionally, if your accounts are geolocated, you will be able to see them on the map and see where they are located. Access the map to see how to get there and also to see the accounts that are nearby. 

On both Android and IOS devices, you can see the distance by car and also by foot.

Android Devices


iOS Devices


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