How to sign orders?

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To do this, click the order that contains the document you want to sign.


When you click on the document, you’ll see the option to sign it. A pop-up window will appear so you can add data related to the person/people signing. E.g. information (subject, email body), name and email address. You must also state if the signature will be made in the application or if it will be sent by email.


The email sent to those signing will have a direct link to open the document and sign it.


Once you’ve opened the link:

  1. Go over the document and click “Sign” if it’s all OK.
  2. Press where you want the signature to be placed.
  3. Sign the screen from your device.
  4. Click send to finish the process.


From ForceManager, you can track the process and see who’s signed and who’s yet to sign.



How does SignatureManager work from the mobile app?

You can also manage and sign reports linked to your accounts or orders from the mobile app.


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