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How to synchronize the calendar?
How to synchronize the calendar?
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To establish the calendar synchronization according to your email provider, you will need to do as follows:

1. OUTLOOK calendar synchronization

1.1 Synchronize with Windows

From the Outlook application, access the calendar section that you will find at the bottom left corner:

Once within the section, select the option 'Open Calendar' that you will find at the top menu, a drop down list will pop up where you will need to select the 'From the Internet' option:

Following, an emerging message will come up, in which you will need to enter ForceManager's calendar address. The address to input is the following: ''.

The next step is to enter your Forcemanager username and password to successfully add your calendar:

Finally, confirm the sync process or access its configuration by clicking on 'Advanced settings':

You will then be able to see your ForceManager's events within the Outlook calendar.

Can I see my ForceManager's tasks in Outlook?

You will also find all your tasks synchronized from ForceManager, for that, you need to access the tasks section that is also found at the bottom left corner of Outlook:

1.2 Synchronize with Mac

To synchronize ForceManager's calendar with Outlook for Mac, you will need to get in touch with our Support team via the following email address:

2. iCALENDAR Calendar synchronization

2.1. iCALENDAR Calendar synchronization with Mac

When in the iCalendar, at the top left of the toolbar select 'File' and select 'New Calendar Subscription' from the drop-down list:

Following, an emerging message will pop up where you will have to introduce ForceManager's Calendar address. The URL to enter is the following: ''.

Once introduced, click on 'Subscribe' to confirm the process:

The next step is to introduce your ForceManager's access details (username and password) so it can access the calendar:

Finally, set your new calendar: add a name, location, personalise reminders, select refresh times,etc...

You will then be able to see how ForceManager's Calendar has been added to your other calendars:

2.2. iCALENDAR Calendar synchronization with iPad

As well as the possibility to sync emails, you can also easily sync the Calendar from your iPad. First, go to your device’s ‘Settings’ and follow the following steps:

Go to Calendar and select ‘Add Account’

Choose the option ‘Other’ and from there select ‘Add Subscribed Calendar’

Enter the Server address: :

Finally add your ForceManager username and password:

3. THUNDERBIRD Calendar Synchronization

Once within Thunderbird, access the Calendar section found at the top right corner:

To synchronize ForceManager's Calendar with Thunderbird, place the cursor on the left sideline and with the right button select the 'New Calendar' option:

Following, an emerging message will pop up where you will need to select the option 'On the Network' and then click on 'Next':

In the following step, select 'CalDAV' and introduce the following URL: in the blank space and then click on 'Next':

Name the calendar:

Click on 'End' to finalise the synchronization of Forcemanager's Calendar with Thunderbird:

And you will be able to respectively see the events in the calendar and the tasks on the right sideline:

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