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How do I register for a Demo?
How do I register for a Demo?
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We offer online application demos every week. Just search for the most convenient date and register for free to discover all the benefits that ForceManager has to offer.

To register, access our support portal and look for the "Training" menu:


You will be directed to the Webinars page. Click "ForceManager Demo" to register for a demo. Click "More Information" or the webinar title to begin the registration process.


You can view information about the demo from this page, including: available languages, descriptions, goals and organizers.

You can also view the various dates it will be available in English and Spanish. Click the date that best suits your schedule.


To confirm your registration, just complete the three mandatory fields: name, surname and email. Once you have completed these fields, click "Register" to complete the process.


Once you have registered for a demo you will receive a reminder email the day before and another an hour before the session with all information needed to connect to the webinar.

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