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The Quick Entity Creation functionality will allow you to add new accounts, contacts, events, and report activities quickly and from anywhere in ForceManager's web version, with a simpler process and without having to leave the menu you are currently working on.

1. How to enable the Quick Entity Creation functionality?

This functionality is available in the web version of the CRM, within the main menus: Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Calendar, Opportunities, Documents, and Reports. No prior configuration is required, as it will be available by default.

When accessing any of the menus mentioned above, you will find the functionality at the top right of the screen, and when you click on it, a dropdown menu will open where you can choose the entity you want to create.


2. How to use the Quick Entity Creation functionality?

To start, open any of the main menus in the web version and click on the "Quick Entity Creation" button, then select the entity you want to create, fill in the corresponding fields, and click "Save". Below are some examples of use.

Example 1: Creating a new contact from any menu

1. Select "Contact" from the dropdown.


2. Fill in all the information for your new contact in the popup window.


3. Click "Save" to register your new contact or click "Save and go to detail" to access the contacts list, where you can view or edit your new contact details.


Example 2: Creating an event in the calendar from the Accounts menu

1. Select "Event" from the dropdown.


2. In the popup window, enter all the data for your new event.


3. Finally, you can click "Save" to schedule your new appointment. Or if you prefer, click "Save and go to list", this option will redirect you to the Calendar where you can view or edit your new event.


Example 3: Quickly reporting an activity

1. Select "Activity" from the dropdown.


2. In the popup window, select the "Activity type" and provide all the details for your new activity.


3. Click "Save" to report your new appointment. When you click on "Save and go to detail", you will be redirected to the Activities menu where you can access the details of your activity to view or edit its information.

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