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What is NewsManager and why is it so powerful?

NewsManager is a simple but powerful communication tool. It was created with a heavy input from senior field sales and marketing managers from around the world and integrated into all-in-one ForceManager sales assistant platform. NewsManager allows a user to send an important message to a group of sales reps and is notified whether that message was understood by each recipient.

NewsManager will assure you that any of the communication you send to your team will be opened, read, and understood. With this functionality, people in charge will be able to send and track an announcement sent to their different sells teams.

How does NewsManager work?

When a user receives a message, they are asked to confirm they have understood the content by clicking on the "Got it!" button. Recipients who do not consent the message will receive daily reminders until they accept and understand the message.

Meanwhile, the message sender has a simple dashboard giving them the real time information they most need about each message – who still hasn’t opened it, and more importantly, who still hasn’t clicked the “got it” button.

How do I send News?

In order to create and manage all the messages published in NewsManager you will have to do so via the web version.

Once you have logged in, you must access the menu "News" and follow the next steps:

1. When you are in the News menu you will see on the left side different tabs. In the section "Published" you will see on the top right hand corner of your screen the button "Add". This feature will allow you to create a new announcement whenever you need it.


2. Once you have clicked Add, you will see a series of sections that will need to be filled out prior to sending the notification. The section Title and send to are mandatory sections and must be filled out in order to send the message. If you want to attach a document all you need to do is drag the file in the bottom section.


3. When all the fields are complete with the information that you want to send you'll see a preview of what you are about to send. Then you'll be able to confirm or modify the information until is correct.


4. To send News you only have to click send.

How can I see who has opened the message and who has actually read (confirmed) my news?

NewsManager will provide a detailed version of the message status. It will inform you about who has opened the message, read the message and understood it's content. If the recipient does not open the message a notification will be sent every 24 hours.


How do users confirm they have read my News?

The News arrives both to the mobile app version and the web version. The content is the same and once the News has been viewed in one of the two devices, automatically, the other one will detect the News has been either opened or confirmed.

Web version

All the users will recipient a notification via email every time a News has been sent and also a emergent window will appear every time they access the app. The users will be able to confirm it immediately or ff the users decide to save it for later they can also do that.


The recipient users can manage all their messages from the menu "News". From there they will be able to confirm all the new announcements.


Mobile version

The recipient users will receive a notification on their mobile devices. The message will show the title and part of the message. The users will be able to read the message, and once they have understood it, confirm it. If the recipient chooses not to view the notification right away, and then they can postpone it and a reminder will pop up on their dashboard.

In both cases, mobile and web, you can be able to click the button "Got it!". That will let the sender know that the content of the message is understood.


Can I send News to a specific person?

NewsManager was created to help Managers stay aligned with their team by sending important information to a group of people. NewsManager focuses on one to many. A sender can send News to a team or group of people but not to a specific person.

Can I resend News if I realize I have made a mistake?

Yes, if you realize you have made a mistake you can resend the News. Once the second News has been sent, it will replace the first message automatically. In order to do so you will have to follow these steps:

1. Click on the News you want to resend.

2. Once you clicked, on the right side a window will appear with all the information of the News (sent, opened and confirmed users). On the top right of the screen you will see two icons. In order to resend the News you will have to click on the arrow.


3. By clicking on the arrow you will be able to resend the News. It is important to know that all the information saved until then related with the News will go back to zero and will be replaced by the metrics of the new News.


If the first News has not been viewed by the recipient, the modified version will substitute the previous one. Moreover, the newest version will be the only message that the user will have access to.

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