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How to Manage Your Products in ForceManager
How to Manage Your Products in ForceManager
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What is a product?

At ForceManager, a product is understood to be any good or service that can be sold to a customer to meet their needs.

This menu will allow you to view and display all your products both in list mode and in card mode, enabling you to present your catalogue in a visual and appealing way.

You will be able to easily access the details of your products: Name, Description, Price, Category, etc.

Navigation and Interface

Thanks to the product families menu, you can organise and find products more efficiently.

You also have search tools and filters by product attributes, which facilitate the location of specific items within the catalog.

Product Menu Visualization

In the product menu, you can choose between Board or List view, enhancing the visual experience when exploring the catalog.

In both list and board modes, we can filter the products to be displayed using the menu on the left for Product Families, as well as filters at the top.

You'll be able to instantly view key product information, such as stock and price, directly from the catalog's overview.

Product details

In both List and Cards view, when selecting one of our products, we will access its product detail sheet.

We will be able to view detailed information and even access Additional Information and Documents and Reports that we have previously added.

If you have more than one image of the product, you can easily navigate between them using the arrows on the sides of the main image.

Quickly access the image gallery slideshow by clicking on the image magnifier icon, located in the top right corner of our product image.

Slideshow view

How to create a product?

Creating a product in ForceManager is an easy and intuitive process. You just need to click on the "Create" button on the right side of your screen. This button appears in both List and Card view formats.

Product Information

  • Model: the name by which the product will be identified.

  • Description: add details that help to describe the product.

  • Price: the price the product will have.

  • Cost: the cost to the company can be entered.

  • Maximum discount: it is possible to add a discount limit to the product, so when creating an offer or order, a discount percentage higher than the added limit cannot be applied.

  • Stock: indicates the number of units available at the time of creating the product.

  • Recommended quantity: the number of recommended available units.

  • Product category: products can be grouped into categories, with labels that later allow for setting filters and easier identification.

  • Current directory: create product folders and subfolders to keep them organised at different levels, then assign each product within its folder. Once these fields are completed, you can save and the product will appear in the list on its menu. Additionally, when you click save, a pop-up message will appear to add images of the product, which can be added now or later if needed.

The next video will offer you some guidance about our product section.

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