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Weekly activity report (Small team)
Weekly activity report (Small team)
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The weekly activity report gives you an indication of your sales team’s performance. For the small team plan, if you are the manager of a sales team, you can select which sales rep’s activity you want to see. This report can also be downloaded in either PDF, Excel or Word format.

It consists of 3 parts:

1. Summary of activity

This provides a summary of the activity held during the current week and compares it to the activity from the week before. The data that is compared includes:

  • Accounts that have been added (regardless of who entered them).

  • Number of check-ins.

  • Number of total registered phone calls. This includes ingoing, outgoing and missed calls.

  • Total call duration.

  • The amount of registered emails (sent and received).

2. Coverage (past 30 days)

The coverage of your accounts from over the last 30 days.

  • The list on the left shows you which 10 accounts you’ve interacted the most with. It also shows you the segment, account name and activity percentage.

  • The list on the right shows you which 10 accounts you’ve interacted the least with. It also shows you the segment, account name and activity percentage.

(If two percentages of the same amount appear on the list, they will be ordered alphabetically according to the account they relate to).

Below these tables you will see the percentage coverage, active accounts and the total number of accounts.

  • Percentage coverage that you’ve had in respect to the total amount of accounts assigned. For example, in this case, 31 accounts are assigned, and the sales rep has interacted with 6 of these. The percentage coverage is 19.4%.

  • Active accounts are the accounts that you’ve interacted with from the assigned accounts.

  • Total accounts shows you the number of accounts assigned to you i.e. all those for which you are in charge of.

3. Opportunity pipeline (weighted amount)

The pipeline shows you in a graph format, the total opportunities by status and weighted amount.

Bear in mind, the weighted amount is calculated by multiplying the total amount with the probability of success of the opportunity. What’s more, from the pipeline you will only see opportunities that are at intermediate states, and so not won or lost opportunities since these are opportunities are now closed.

To the right of the opportunity pipeline, you have another summary which shows you:

  • The amount of opportunities and weighted amount of which will expire in the next 7 days.

  • Opportunities that have already expired.

  • Below this, the number of won opportunities and the total amount of opportunities.

  • Finally, lost opportunities from the last week the total amount of opportunities.

In this report, all open opportunities are always calculated with the weighted amount.

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