How to add a task?
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1. Add tasks on the web application

Once you have entered the Calendar, click “Add” and select 'Add Task'. On the web application, the only required fields are the event title, the date, the owner and the activity type.


When you have added the task, press save so that it is noted in the calendar. You can differentiate between the event tasks because they will be shown in a grey box; what’s more, when you check them off as completed, they will be crossed out and have a 'tick'.


2. Add tasks on the mobile application

On the mobile application, once you have entered in the 'Tasks' viewing format, you will have the 'Add' option. The button’s location may vary according to the device. To add a new task:

  • Enter the task details (the subject and date are required fields).

  • Once you have completed the necessary and/or additional information, click on save.

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