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Activities list features
Activities list features
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All of your interactions with customers or prospects are compiled inside the Activity List and are shown in a chronology order by the period of time that has passed since each interaction, from least to greatest.

1. Activity File

To view and access the file for each activity, click on it. The tab will display the relevant details for the activity type you have chosen, some of them are:

1. Activity type: email, phone call, video conference, check-in, comment, etc.

2. Date of the activity.

3. Contact of the account, phone number or email depending on the activity.

4. Account: name of the client or prospect.

5. Content: body of the message, route of the visit, or details of the call, depending on the type of interaction.


2. Available Activity Types

The Activities menu collects a wide range of interactions, some of which are automatically registered while others must be submitted manually, making it simple to fully record all activity with your customers.

2.1 Automatic activities:

  • E-mails: tantos los emails que envíes como los que recibas de tus empresas y contactos quedarán registrados.

  • E-mails: Both the emails you send and receive from your companies and contacts will be saved.

  • Check-in: it will be immediately registered, and you can enter extra information or comments about your visit.

  • Phone calls: Both Android and iOS smartphones will record outgoing calls made from inside the app.

  • Video conferences will be automatically recorded as long as the integration with Microsoft Teams or Zoom is active.

2.2 Manual activities:

You can also manually enter the report of your activities (for example, the content of a phone call if it is important). You can add the following types of activity by default: Comment, Phone call, Meeting, Visit, and VideoCheckin.

Note: If you are the Admin of your account, you can modify the fields in the Activities menu to better suit the requirements of your business.
If you have a Starter or Essential license, you can personalise and add extra fields from the web version; if you have a Performance or Business license, you can modify and create extra fields from the Admin platform.

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