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How to do the first check-in?
How to do the first check-in?
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What is a check-in in ForceManager?

It is the log file of a visit at the real location of a client. This function will only be active for you to use if an account's location has been geolocated.

How can I do it?

Under an account's file, you will find the 'check-in' button, which is only enabled when you are located under 500 metres from the account you intend to visit, in such way that with a click, you will register your visit in a matter of seconds.


ForceManager recommendations

During the first months using the tool, the vast majority of your accounts will not have a precise location, or simply will not have a location. To achieve the maximum efficiency it is advisable that each time you visit a client or a prospect, you update the location with a simple click on the relevant button, before doing the check-in.

If you follow these simple steps, you will avoid mistakes and you will always have updated information, which will allow you to exactly geolocate your opportunities and clients, and improve the coverage given to your accounts.

How to update the location of an account from mobility?

If you want to update the coordinates of an account, you will be able to do it through the 'Geolocate' option under each account's file. All the data and information input into the address fields will be kept but the latitude and longitude of the account will be updated.

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In the case the account is not geolocated, with the same option "Update location", you will be able to add its location.

Finally, accept so that the geolocation is applied.

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