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What are the Featured Fields?
What are the Featured Fields?
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This feature is only available for the following plans:


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The featured fields list is located at the top of each Account File. This feature allows you to differentiate the most relevant fields you use daily to have them at your fingertips on the ForceManager mobile and web apps.


How to configure the featured fields?

  1. Access the ForceManager Web App and go to the Accounts module.

  2. Click on the account's name to display its file. In the first widget, you can see the featured fields list:


3. Right below the list, click on Show all to open the setup window. In this window, you can mark the fields you want to configure as featured and unmark those you don't want to appear in this list by hovering the cursor over them and clicking on the star icon




Keep in mind that your team's Administrator has configured the fields with the lock


icon. Therefore, it is a field(s) that you will not be able to uncheck.


Featured Fields Configuration from Admin

If you have Admin permissions, you can set up the featured fields from the Admin platform. This functionality allows you to define the most relevant fields for your team.

To configure them:

  1. Once inside Admin, go to the Fields module and scroll down to the custom fields section.

  2. Click on the field of your interest to open the editing form. Almost at the bottom of the form, in the "Set as a featured field for these user types" option, you can select the group of users for whom you want to set up this field as featured:


3. Select the user types and click on Save to make the changes.


Although you can mark as many fields as needed, we recommend only featuring the fields that deserve a space at first glance.

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