How to modify Literals?
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When you access the Literals menu, you will see an informative table that indicates the key of all the literals of the application and the current value assigned to them.

To modify or personalize them, you must click on Customise Literal, located in the upper right part of the screen.


To make this change, you must follow three steps:

  • Choose language. Choose the language of the literal you want to modify, select only one language. By default, the language that the user has configured appears selected, but you can change this.

  • Replace Keywords. Write the current literal that you want to customize.

  • New value. Write the new name of the literal.

Once these fields are filled in, click on "Preview Changes" to see what the final result would be like before saving the changes, in case there is something you want to modify again.


It is also possible to do the process manually, choosing the specific literals that you want to change so that they are not all changed by default. To do this, select the boxes corresponding to the literal you want to modify, which are on the right side of the screen. If you don't make this selection, all the literals in the application will be changed.

Once everything is correct, click on "Save Changes".

IMPORTANT: Once you have saved the changes and replaced the words, you have to take two aspects into account:

  • The capital letters of the old literal will be kept in the new one, even if you do not indicate them at the creation time.

  • Grammatically, the literal will keep the person (singular or plural). Therefore, you must go through the same process for both cases. For example: if you have changed the literal "Company" to "Account" (singular), you must also change the literal "Companies" to "Accounts" (plural).

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