How to duplicate a user?
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If you want to create a user, you can duplicate an existing one. You only have to enter and complete their personal information. They will have the same roles, permission, and visibility (you can modify what you need).


When clicking on "duplicate" a window will appear divided into three different tabs:

  • User Information. In this tab, you have to write the user's nickname as well as the necessary information for the user to login to ForceManager (email, mobile phone, telephone extension, and password), basic user information (name, surname, photo, External ID - needed in case of requiring to synchronize with other applications -).

  • Roles and Permissions. In this tab, you can see the roles and permissions inherited from the duplicate user. You have a description for each Permission. By clicking a Permission, you can see which Role in specific is giving access to that Permission.

  • Email synchronization. Add the information about the email account to be synchronized. This feature will allow the user to synchronize the email.

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