Call Tracker ForceManager CRM

What is Call tracker ForceManager CRM?

ForceManager CRM Call Tracker is a mobile application intended to transfer information about incoming and outgoing calls from smartphones to ForceManager CRM. It's exactly what you need if you make a lot of calls every day for your business. You can store all data about calls in one place - in the CRM system.

You can automate the manual process of entering data about each call into the CRM. The application allows users to track the duration and number of calls to each contact, allows adding notes and voice memos to the call log, to create rules that allow automatic call tracking for individual contacts. It also allows you to add and edit the information before saving the call log in the CRM.

After each call, the application will save the call information in the ForceManager CRM.

The app can work offline and pending activities will be automatically synced when internet connection is restored.

How does it work?

1. You must have a ForceManager CRM account. Establish the connection to your CRM within the application by entering the credentials
2. Make or receive a call on your phone
3. After ending the call the application will automatically get the information of the call to the CRM (who called, date, duration of the call).


How to install it?




To ensure the effective operation of the ForceManager CRM Call Tracker app after installing it, you must turn on a parameter inside your ForceManager account.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support team by emailing to accomplish this.


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