¿How to massively geolocate accounts?

Function avaible for Small Team

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In ForceManager, the massively geolocate is not automatically but if you have an account data base to import to the application, our support team can help you. We can geolocate until 500 accounts free.

If you need geolocate more than 500 accounts, contact with our support team sending an email to soporte@forcemanager.ne and they will give you information about the cost. Remind that when you add manually an account, you are able to do it automatically, using your current location or searching on map.

When you import massively accounts to ForceManager, there’re different fields that you have to complete in order to geolocate the accounts properly:

  • Mandatory fields: address and country
  • Optional fields: town, province, Zip Code

Remind that the more information you fill, the more accurate will be the geolocation.

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