What options do task lists give you?

From the mobile app, you can make concrete searches and you’ll also see the option to filter in order to see completed or pending tasks.

1. Android

In the top part of the screen, you will see a search bar to speed up the search of any task you’re looking for.

To filter tasks, in the top part of the screen you will see a filter icon. From here, you can filter your completed and pending tasks.


4.png Screenshot_2017-03-30-16-56-23.png

2. iOS

En el caso de los dispositivos iOS podrás hacer búsquedas concretas, además, verás la opción de filtrar para que se muestren las tareas completadas o las no completadas. 

From iOS devices, you can make global searches for your tasks as well as filter to see those you have completed and those you still have pending to complete.





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